Tessa Graaff – Director of Montebello Design Center

Joanna opens doors for people and changes lives. If your reason for travelling is to have an adventure you would not have been quite adventurous enough to have on your own, then she is the person to travel with.

If your reason for travelling is to go to slightly unusual places and have slightly unusual experiences with someone who is going to change your perspective on things, and be
a breath of fresh air, then Joanna is the person to travel with.

She is not your average tour guide leader, she is far too generous, enthusiastic and caring and does a great deal of homework to find special and somtimes out of the way places
and encounters that leave you feeling you have had an authentic experience rather than being herded through a sausage machine tour .

I have been on seven of Joannas trips, India, Morrocco, Nepal, Southern India, Iran, Jordan, and Egypt and have always come home feeling I have had incredibly good value and the right ‘
combination of organization and freedom to do my own thing.

Joanna is one of my best kept secrets because if too many people know about her there might be no room left on her tours for me!