We visited The Ancient Antiquities of Persia in 2011

April 28, 2011

April 28…Depart Cape Town on Qatar airlines at 6:40pm
April29…Arrive Tehran via Doha at 11:35am. Greetings and transfer to the hotel.
Overnight Tehran…Engelab Hotel
April 30…After breakfast a full day tour of Tehran including the Jewel
Museum where the valuable collections include the pink coloured
diamond of Dayand –ye-Noor (182 carats), and the Peacock Throne
which was built during the reign of Fathali Shah with 26,733 jewels
attached to it. We will also visit the local bazaar.
Overnight Tehran…Engelab Hotel
May 1…After breakfast we drive to Kermanshah and are transferred to our hotel.
Excursion to Taq-e Buston and the bass reliefs dating back to the era
of the Sassanid Empire of Persia, the Iranian dynasty which ruled western
Asia from 226-650AD. The carvings are some of the finest examples of
Persian sculpture under the Sassanids. The patterns accentuate power,
glory, honor, game and fighting spirit, festivity, and joy.
We continue onto Bisotun, a World Heritage site, to visit the reliefs. We
return to Kermanshah to visit Takiyeh Moaven of Molk, its walls adorned
with beautiful hand painted tiles.
Overnight Kermanshah…Azadegan Hotel
May 2…After breakfast a half day tour including a visit to the local bazaar.
After lunch we drive on to Andimeshk stopping to visit Pol-e-Dokhtar.
Overnight Andimeshk…Grand Hotel
May 3…After breakfast we drive to Susa to visit the Apadana mound,
Daniel’s grave, and continue on for a visit of Chogha Zanbil.
Overnight Ahwaz…Pars Hotel
May 4…After breakfast we drive to Shiraz, traditionally known as the city of
Roses and Nightingales. En route we visit Bishapur and the ruins of
Sassanid town and the reliefs of Tange Chowgan.
Overnight Shiraz…Eram Hotel
May 5…After breakfast an excursion to Persepolis which is the last ultimate
expression of the ancient Middle East. Nearly 2500 years ago construction
for it’s magnificent structure was begun by Darius the Great with the
intent to make it the focus of the mighty Achemenian Empire.
Onto Noghsh-e-Rostam with it’s rock caves and reliefs, and Pasargadae
with Cyrus’ tomb. We return to Shiraz to see Hafez’s tomb and
Shah Cheragh sancturary from the outside.
Overnight Shiraz…Eram Hotel
May 6…After breakfast a city tour of Shiraz visiting Eram Gardens, Nemjeston,
Nasir ol Molk Mosque, theological Khan school, Vakil bazaar, and the Quran
gate. In the evening we will see the Sahah Cheragh sannturary illuminated
and Hamzeh Mosque with it’s mirror tile interior.
Overnight Shiraz…Eram Hotel
May 7…Free day in Shiraz
Overnight Shiraz …Eram Hotel
May 8…After breakfast we drive via Maharlu salt lake to Sarvestan to visit the Sassanid
Palace. We continue via Estahban, Neyriz, and Sirjan to Kerman.
Overnight Kerman…Pars Hotel
May 9…After breakfast we drive to Rayen via Mahan, the Sufi Mosque, and the
Shahzadeh Gardens. We visit the ruined fort of Royan and back to Kerman.
Overnight Kerman…Pars Hotel
May 10…After breakfast we have a ½ day tour of Kerman with the Ganj Ali Khan Complex,
and bazaar. We then drive via Rafsanjan to Yazd. We will visit the Tower of Silence,
and Amir Chaqmaq Takiyeh.
Overnight Yazd…Moshir Garden Hotel
May 11…After breakfast a full day tour of Yazd including the beautiful Jame Mosque,
and the Dowlat Abad Gardens.
Overnight Yazd…Moshir Garden Hotel
May 12…After breakfast we drive to Isfahan via Nain to see the Jame` Mosque, and
the Pimia House. Isfahan was a vibrant trade center on the ancient Silk Road, and
it’s glorious Islamic architecture and beautiful gardens captured the hearts of
many. An evening stroll to visit the famous bridges of Si-o-se pol and Khajoo.
Overnight Isfahan…Setarch Hotel
May 13…After breakfast a tour of Isfahan, visiting Chehel Sotun Palace, the beautifully
proportioned and decorated 17th century Masjed-e-Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. This is
one of the most stunning buildings in Iran and declared a World Heritage Site by
UNESCO in 1979. We will also visit the 6 storied Ali Qapu Palace.
Overnight Isfahan…Setarch Hotel
May 14… Free day in Isfahan. Time for a visit to the most famous bazaar in Iran.
Overnight Isfahan…Setarch Hotel
May 15…After breakfast a ½ day tour of Isfahan visiting Jame` Mosque, Vank Church.
After lunch we drive towards Abyabeh via the beautiful city of Natanz with a visit
to the Jame`Mosque and handcraft workshops there.
Overnight Abyaneh…Abyaneh Hotel
May 16… After breakfast we visit the Abyaneh village and after lunch we drive onto
Matin Abad Desert camp. An eco camp, a site of unparalleled beauty, silver in the
rising sun and golden at dawn. We will be served a traditional Persian meal at dinner
with much of the food served coming from their organic farm.
Overnight Desert camp in traditional Iranian Nomad tents
May 17…After breakfast there is camel riding for those of you keen to do so. After
Lunch we make our way back to Tehran via Kashan and visit Broujerdi’s House.
Overnight Tehran…Engelab Hotel
May 18… After breakfast a city tour of Tehran including Sa`ad Abad and the Abbasi
and Reza Palaces. A visit to a carpet museum. Farewell Party!
Overnight Tehran…Engelab Hotel
May 19… Depart for Doha and onto Jordan.

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