Health & Harmony

with Joanna Castle



In the world today sharing information is imperative. I have read hundreds of books, attended many workshops and training sessions. I have been a collector of information.

In a concise, easy to understand manner, I hope to have created a tool for spiritual, physical and mental growth.

I invite you to please join me now on this journey to re-discover the Health and Harmony in your life!

Who is Joanna Castle?

I am a Californian Reiki Master Teacher now living in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

My own healing journey in San Francisco led me to my Reiki Masters.

I studied Aromatherapy with Victoria Edwards, founder of the American Aromatherapy Association and author of "The Aromatherapy Companion", Flower Essences with Star Reparetti, founder of Star Essences, and Patricia Meyer, international speaker.

I am the co-founder of the "A Gathering of Women", and recently attended the first REIKI MASTERS CONGRESS in Japan.

I am also an Internationally Certified Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator. Trained under Lauren Artess of San Francisco, Califorbnia.

I bring my own unique and powerful teaching style to my workshops.

To make appointments for a variety of therapies...or for more information on my upcoming classes and workshops, please contact me.