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with Joanna Castle

Chakra Balancing

The 7 Chakras

This is not meant to be an all-encompassing dissertation on the Chakras, but will give one some idea and perhaps a direction.

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. The East Indians discovered Chakras thousand of years ago. We have many of these wheels in and around our bodies. They spin slowly, quickly, smoothly or wobbly, depending on how a person is balanced. They open and close like a camera lens allowing the energy to flow.

The Chakras are located on the body as can be seen in the picture above. These are in tune to certain points within the body and are a link to achieving a higher vibration of the entire system. If any one of these are "blocked" for any reason (and there are many reasons), only partial clearing will be accomplished, if at all. Achieving a higher vibration of one's system is important in that such a vibration elevation will move one to the next level of achievement of the inner spirit while in the earthly body. Alignment and moving the spirit closer to The Creator - to be in "oneness" with The Creator.

The 7 Chakras

The Seventh Chakra or Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head. It eternalises as the pineal gland and governs the upper brain and right eye. Through this chakra one may ultimately reach the feeling of integration with the Divine. Its colors are seen as violet or sometimes as a combination of all colors: white light

Crown Charkra - 7th

Location: Top of Head, slightly to the back of highest part of skull
Color: Violet or White
Organs: Brain, Central Nervous System
Function: Peoples connection with spirituality, God, Godess, Allah, Source

The Sixth Chakra or Third Eye is located in the center of the forehead. It externalises as the pituitary gland, governing the lower brain and nervous sytem, the ears, nose and the left eye, the eye of personality. Through this center we consider our spiritual nature. It is seen as the color indigo - a vibrant combination of red and blue.

Third Eye - 6th

Location: Point between eyebrows and trunkline
Color: Indigo, the color of the night-time sky
Organs: Brain, Eyes
Function: Psychic perception, center of your intuition, and opens you to your knowingness, understanding the Oneness of the Universe

The Fifth Chakra or Throat Chakra externalises as the thyroid gland, and governs the lungs, vocal cords, bronchial apparatus and metabolism. The center of expression, communication and judgement. It is seen as the color blue.

Throat Chakra - 5th

Location: At the base of the throat
Color: Blue-Green
Organs: Throat, Thyroid and Parathyroid Gland
Function: Communication, expression of ideas, nurturance And creativity, an indicator to let us know if we are living our truth

The Fourth Chakra is the Heart. It externalises as the thymus gland, governing the heart, blood, and circulatory system and influences the immune- and endocrine systems. This is the center through which we love. It is the color green.

Heart Chakra - 4th

Location: Behind the breastbone or sternum
Color: Green and Pink
Organs: Heart, Thymus Gland and Lungs
Function: Emotions, Love for others, Universal Love. Here lies our compassion, where we deal with grief

The Third Chakra is located in the Solar Plexus externalising as the pancreas, governing the action of the spleen, gall bladder and aspects of the nervous system. It is the clearinghouse for emotional sensitivities and issues of personal power. It is the color yellow.

Solar Plexus - 3rd

Location: In the pit of your stomach
Color: Solar Yellow
Organs: Pancreas Gland, Liver, Stomach
Function: Digestion, assimilation of food, Dynamism and assertion. Issues of power. Where we protect our manifestations and balances of power

The Second Charkra, the Sacral Chakra is located in the sexual organs (ovaries in women and testes in men) and is the chakra of creativity. It governs attitudes in relationships, sex and reproduction. It is the color orange.

Sacral Plexus - 2nd

Location: Two inches below the navel
Color: Orange
Organs: Men - Spleen, Women - Uterus, and inludes the genital organs
Function: First impressions and old emotional patterns store here. Center of sexual choosing. Seat of our emotions, fear, anger, joy

The First Chakra, the Base or root is located at the base of the spine and is defined as that chakra that governs understanding of the physical dimension. It is the energy center through which we experience fight or flight. Externalising as the adrenal gland, it governs the kidneys and the spinal column. It is perceived as the color red.

Base - 1st

Location: At the base of the spine
Color: Amber to Red Brown
Organs: Adrenal Glands, Genitals
Function: Basic survival instincts, feeling fear, self-preservation. Our groundedness and survival