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Reiki - Universal Energy

Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a laying on of hands technique combined with tapping, lightly stroking and blowing energy into unbalanced areas of the body.

Many believe it is one of the many hand held forms of Chi Gong originating thousand of years ago. It was rediscovered in Japan early in the 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui. It was brought West to California in 1974 by Mrs. Takata.

Reiki means...
Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki relaxes the body, and gently removes stress and tension. It restores the natural alignment of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

You will experience a sense of peace and calmness that were not present prior to your treatment. A general feeling of well being will remain with you for several days. Reiki is not connected to a religion.


Reiki in Japan by Frank Arjava Petter, Author of Reiki Fire

I teach Reiki in 3 Levels, Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Reiki I...
You receive attunements which awaken your own healing channel. It aligns the body with soul energy and heightens your intuitive abilities. You are shown how to give yourself treatments as well as others. It raises your vibration and is a catalyst for change.

Three months of practicing is required on yourself to move on to...

Reiki II...
With additional attunements you continue to raise your vibration. Your focus and clarity is heightened. You learn the different Reiki symbols for increased energy. It introduces balancing and harmonizing energy to the mental and emotional challenges in life. You also learn to send long distance healing.

One year of practicing Reiki on yourself and others is required before you apply to move on to...

Reiki Master Teacher...
Whether you plan to teach or not, the process is the same.

Over a period of six months we meet once a month to discuss, work on each other, have further attunements, learn to attune at each level and grow with the Reiki energy. The shift in consciousness is truly amazing.

Reiki Treatment

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The Reiki Shiki Ryoho - A Translation form Dr. Usui's Handbook

Why I teach this method...explanation by Usui.

From time in memorial, it has often happened that someone who has found an original, secret law has either kept it for himself or only shared it with his descendants. This secret was then used as security in life for the descendants.

In times like these, the happiness of humanity is based on working together and the desire for social progress. This is why I would never allow anyone to posses Reiki just for him/herself.

Our Reiki Ryoho is something absolutely original and cannot be compared with any other spiritual path in the world. This is why I would like to make this method available to the public for the well-being of humanity. Each of us have the potential of being given a gift by the Divine, which results in the body and the soul becoming unified. In this way a great many people will experience the blessings of the Divine.

First of all, our Reiki Ryoho is an original therapy, which is built upon the spiritual power of the Universe. Through it, the human being will first be made healthy, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.

Today we need improvements and reconstruction in our lives so that we can free our fellow human beings from illness and emotional suffering. This is the reason why I dare to teach this method in public.

Joanna giving a treatment


Is Reiki a spiritual healing method?
Correct...Energy and Light radiate from the eyes, the mouth, and the hands of the giver of a treatment. At the same time, the treatment giver either fixes his eyes for 2-3 minutes on the affected parts of the body, blows on them, or gently massages them.

Does Reiki use medications?
No, it uses only looking, blowing, stroking lightly, tapping and touching. This is what heals the diseases.

Can anyone be initiated into Reiki?
Naturally, men, women, young, old, physicians, uneducated people who live according to the moral principles can certainly learn within a short time to heal themselves, as well as others.

This writing was taken from from Usui's Handbook, translated by Frank Arjava Petter, Author of Reiki Fire.

Meditation clears and focuses the mind, but is not required to practice Reiki.