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Pure Essence Aromatherpy Oils

My Pure Essence Products are made form pure essential oils from around the world. Through the ages it has been proven that certain essential oils calm the mind and psyche, while others stimulate the senses, induce euphoria or have aphrodisiacal qualities.

There are no synthetic scents or animal products in Pure Essence. Synthetic scents are the primary cause of allergies and chemical reactions to scents for many people.

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. The Indians discovered chakras thousand of years ago. We have many of these wheels in and around our bodies. They spin slowly or quickly, smoothly or wobbly, depending on how a person is balanced. They open and close like a camera lens allowing energy to flow.

My Pure Essence Chakra Balancing Oils focus on the seven main chakras of the body.

I have formulated a blend of essential oils for each of the seven charkas. I have used grounding oils such as Vetiver, Patchouli, Myrrh, and Sandalwood. The aphrodisiac oil Jasmin is deeply warming and sensual. Jasmin resonates at the heart and crown chakras, linking love, spirituality and sexual centers. Rose connects to sexual as well as creativity centers. Juniper is a psychic protector, cleanser, and assists with clairvoyance. Bergamot, which opens the heart and allows love energy to radiate out. Chamomile , which helps reveal a calm strength and allows the truth to be spoken without anger. It also encourages spiritual truths. Rosemary helps connect to higher levels of mind bringing focus and clarity. Helicrysum activates the right brain, while deepening intuition. Rosewood facilitates in opening the seventh chakra. Sandalwood bridges heaven and earth, while Frankincense connects us to our higher consciousness.

As each oil is placed on the corresponding chakra, it will help facilitate the balancing of each chakra, creating sensations of calming, grounding, joyfulness, love, release clarity and peace.

Pure Essence Chakra Balancing Oils Introductory Kit contains seven vials of synergistic blends.