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Pyramids of Giza

For many of us we have completed a cycle or a circle and now we are standing on the outside looking at our completed task and thinking or feeling what now. Well the only now we can or must create is the now of joy. So do whatever gives you intense joy. The more joy you have the more joy you will attract. Create your own joy! Stop waiting for your neighbor to give it to you, stop waiting for the day when you will think you will wake up in the morning filled with joy.

Look at your life now and observe the reasons why you can create joy.

Tombs of Nobels

Berto and Tamar have teamed up with Joanna Castle. Joanna’s passion for travel has spanned over 35 years. Together we will share with you one of our favourite places in the world, ancient Egypt, a place that always fills us with great joy! As experienced Egyptian travellers, we will lead you to wander through street bazaars, brightly coloured scarves blowing in the breeze, piles of spices, the aroma of incense, turbanned men smoking shisha and drinking strong black tea all help to create the colourful ambience.

We will be exploring ancient and sacred temples throughout Egypt, sailing the Nile in luxurious cruisers as well as ancient fellucas. Experience the feeling of awe in this ancient land.

The Nile

Three days and nights sailing the Nile on a luxury Nile cruiser, wonderful ***** cuisine and evenings of dancing. Be Cleopatra for a night! Suntan on the top deck as we sail, stopping to visit the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu. We end our Nile journey as we sail into Luxor.

We are picked up at dawn for an optional Hot Air Balloon ride over the valley of the Kings and Queens. What a thrill as we soar up into the sky, then come down again gliding over the tops of palm trees. As the sun rises everything turns pink. The Sphinx

Read Joanna's article 'A Journey to Ancient Egypt', which appeared in Rennaissance Magazine.

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Prices and Departure Dates