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Flower Essences » The Temenos Trilogy

Made in the Gardens of Temenos Retreat Center in McGregor, South Africa by Joanna Castle

At each "Gathering of Women" held at Temenos a Flower Essence is created. These five flower essences were made in their gardens.

Black Madonna Rose

Black Madonna Rose... Rich and velvety, growing near the chapel. It spoke to me of the ability to give Uncoditional Love.

Open your heart, feel their pain and love them in spite of it. Your love will make them whole. Your uncoditional love for others will bring boundless love into your life.

Agora Butterfly Flower

Butterfly Flower, Agora... They made me laugh, to know and experience Joy. Recognising what brings you joy. The ability to bring joy into your heart and hold it there. Feel it and make joy your friend.

Potatoe Creeper

Potato Creeper, Solanum... They grabbed me, seeking my attention as I walked by. The Inner Child. The ability to access the child within. Creating a dialog with the child and allowing the child to emerge in a playful, joyful manner.

Cape Honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle, Tichamaria... I experienced the sensation of Passion. Rekindling, finding, and experiencing your passion. Without passion we would simply fade.

White Iceberg Rose

Peace Rose, White Iceberg Rose... A calm enveloped me as I walked through these roses. Peace in your heart and through acceptance, Peace of mind. Knowing that life is just as it should be.