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Condition South African Essence Bach Essence
Anxiety Squash Larch, Aspen
Aging Senecio  
Balance   Scleranthus
Calming (the mind) Clivia White Chestnut
Depression Flowering Quince Mustard
Emotional Orange  
Feminine Issues Silverleave, Gazania, Pomegranate  
Impatience Umsipane Impatience
Memory Forget-Me-Not  
Menopause Menopause Formula  
Power (regaining) Cape Almond Walnut
Panic Attacks Crisis Remedy, Orange, Pincushion Rescue Remedy
Stress Stress Formula Rescue Remey

What are Flower Essences?

"They have no fragrance" is often a comment about flower essences. This is because, once again, they have been confused with essential oils. Essential oils are fragrant, often some distillations of flowers, leaves, barks, roots, and resins, used in the practice of Aromatherapy.

Flower essences are created by the blossoms of fresh flowers releasing their vibration in a bowl of spring water. With the assistance of the sun or the full moon, this water becomes a potent vehicle for healing. Flower essences are the pure energy of blossoms preserved in water.

Flower essences are catalysts for change, by reducing stress, unblocking energy and generally enhancing health. They can be used for ADD in children as well as adults, addictions, depression, guilt, anger, grief, immune deficient disorders (M.E.), life path explorations, and will facilitate you in gaining more joy, love, happiness, and insight.

By opening our minds and hearts we are able to activate the healing potential that is in each and everyone of us.

A flower essence is a co-creative union between humans and nature. The gift of the plant kingdom is consciousness. Flowers are the most evolved part of the plant kingdom and carry positive life affirming patterns of conscious energy. Flower essences are a transference of these positive patterns of energy into liquid.

Flower essences are vibrational in nature. They work through the various human energy fields, which influence our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Each flower essence can help us identify an emotional, mental or spiritual quality that needs awakening or needs to be strengthened.

Flower essences are intelligent healing energies that are here to educate and empower us. They can also help us in our soul growth.

Flower essences can be introduced into any lifestyle or health care program. They will not interfere with any other therapy. You can use them on your plants and pets as well.

As you work with flower essences you will begin a journey of self discovery. Remember it took years for these patterns in your life to develop, so be patient. Flower essences are catalysts for change.

How do we take them?

A few drops in a glass or bottle of water and sip through the day.

Drop them in your bath or on your reflex points, meridians, chakras and hands, or over your aura.

However if you decide to use them you will begin to resonate with the essences, and disharmonies will begin to fade away. Each person will have their own unique experiences as they begin to use flower essences.

Simply approach Flower Essences with respect and sensitivity!

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